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Program in Physical Therapy

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Program in Physical Therapy
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Welcome to Diagnosis Dialog!

     Diagnosis Dialog is the name used for a series of conferences, presentations, publications, and activities designed to a) engage the profession in discussions about diagnosis in physical therapy, and b) promote development of a standard set of descriptions and labels for the movement system conditions that affect the patients with whom physical therapists work.   

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 The Project

    Constructing a collection of movement system diagnoses by

  • writing brief patient case descriptions
  • describing the movement system conditions
  • proposing names for the conditions
  • cataloging the diagnoses

 Suggested Guidelines

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 How to Contribute a Diagnosis Case Study

  • View an example of a completed Diagnosis Case Study
  • Read the Suggested Guidelines for writing descriptions and naming diagnoses
  • Download a copy of the Diagnosis Case Study Template
  • Fill-in the copy of the Diagnosis Case Study Template on your local computer
  • Send your completed template to us and we will add it to the the collection. 
  • The e-mail address to use for submitting your templates is

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